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BNP buffoon Barnbrook bamboozled

Well just about everyone knows when the election is.  Except for a top man in the BNP that is.

The BNP, racist and stupid?

Well, yes.


And the nominations for the Nazi Party are…

Curly has posted links to the Statement of Nominated Persons for the Jarrow and South Shields constituencies in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.  As well as trying to get some shit to stick in the local elections, nationalist nutjob* party the BNP has candidates fielded for both South Tyneside constituencies.

I find it odd that some electoral candidates don’t find themselves able to put their home address, or even a registered party address, on their election nomination forms.  It’s as if they’ve got something to hide, which feels a bit dishonest.

The racist BNP has got form on this in South Tyneside and in the past have registered a PO Box address on their local election nomination forms.  Fortunately this year they have put their addresses behind their convictions for the local elections, but not the parliamentary candidates – the BNP’s parliamentary candidates quote addresses as “Address in the Jarrow Constituency” for candidate Andy Swaddle or “Address in the South Shields Constituency” for Donna Watson.

Swaddle is no stranger to politics, and stood for the BNP in the Dunston and Teams ward in Gateshead’s local elections in 2006 and Pelaw and Heworth in 2008, and is standing in Pelaw and Heworth again this year.  He’s registered an address in Heworth for the local election.  So he’s standing in both a Gateshead ward and Jarrow constituency.  What is his real address and why so coy about it?

It’s interesting to note that one of Swaddle’s facebook friends is Mark Collett, presumably the same Mark Collett who was arrested for threatening to kill BNP fuhrer Nick Griffin.  The racist party has also accused homophobic bigot and all round prick Collett of attempting a ‘palace coup’.  Clearly the BNP sees itself as a monarchy with Herr Griffin as a leader chosen by god rather than as a democratic body.

South Shields candidate Donna Watson is also double dipping electorally, standing for the BNP in the local elections in Whitburn and Marsden.  So it seems doubly odd that her address is missing from the parliamentary Statement of Nominated Persons, but it’s available in her details on the Statement of persons nominated for the Whitburn local election.

Note: To be fair, this “Address in the xxx Constituency” isn’t confined to the BNP, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Jarrow has “Address in the Hexham Constituency”, and an independent standing in South Shields, Sam Navabi, has “Address in the North Durham Constituency”.  The holding back of such information feels slightly dishonest, particularly when the electorate is crying out for open and honest government – it doesn’t matter which party they stand for.

* : shorthand for fascist, racist, homophobic, sexist, religiomentalist, climate change denying, holocaust denying, twats

A tale of two Tories


“We have a choice tonight – whether we walk in fear of the law of the Lord or the law of Brussels. I know which way I am going.”

Norman Tebbit, defending religious employers’ right to be bigoted and continue to discriminate against gays whilst enjoying the protection of the law.  And voting this way.


“education should teach people about equality and the sort of country we are – that we treat people the same whether they are straight or gay, or black or white or a man or a woman”

David Cameron wants us to believe he’s a good guy on civil rights.  Yeah, right.

So, which Tory truly represents the feelings of the party?  Guessing by the massive vote from Conservative peers in support of keeping the Church’s legally protected right to be homophobic pricks it looks like Tebbit’s brand of compassionate Conservatism and sense of fair play rules the roost in the blue corner.

If only the BNP registered as a religion, they could also enjoy Tory support in maintaining their dirtyemployment habits too.

Letter: BNP crime spree

A Wood praises the BNP for having “tough policies on crime” (Have Your Say, February 1st).  These “tough” policies don’t seem to apply to the BNP’s own members.  A BNP councillor in Calderdale was found guilty on October 19th 2006 on four counts of benefit fraud involving several thousands of pounds.  The BNP has yet to disown him or demand his resignation.  Another BNP councillor, in Burnley, was convicted of attacking his wife and a police officer, yet the BNP continued his membership.

These examples of the BNP’s “tough” attitude to crime represent just a fraction of a party featuring fraudsters, thugs, liars and incompetents.  The record of serving (I use the word loosely) BNP councillors across the country is a catalogue of failure that suggests an innate contempt for voters.

A Wood admires the Gazette’s reporting.  I wonder if the admiration extends to the BNP volunteer who was so committed to the fascist project that he wouldn’t provide his name in the interview?  Then again, this behaviour isn’t new as it’s common practice for BNP members to use false names – even their press officer uses a pseudonym.

This implies that they don’t want to be publicly associated with the party that is the spiritual heir of Hitler’s Nazi Party.  Why trust a party whose own members can’t bring themselves to put their names to their ideology?