A tale of two Tories


“We have a choice tonight – whether we walk in fear of the law of the Lord or the law of Brussels. I know which way I am going.”

Norman Tebbit, defending religious employers’ right to be bigoted and continue to discriminate against gays whilst enjoying the protection of the law.  And voting this way.


“education should teach people about equality and the sort of country we are – that we treat people the same whether they are straight or gay, or black or white or a man or a woman”

David Cameron wants us to believe he’s a good guy on civil rights.  Yeah, right.

So, which Tory truly represents the feelings of the party?  Guessing by the massive vote from Conservative peers in support of keeping the Church’s legally protected right to be homophobic pricks it looks like Tebbit’s brand of compassionate Conservatism and sense of fair play rules the roost in the blue corner.

If only the BNP registered as a religion, they could also enjoy Tory support in maintaining their dirtyemployment habits too.


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