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South Tyneside betrayed by their MPs

Tuesday’s vote in the Commons on the Jobseekers Bill should leave a bitter taste in the mouth of all Labour supporters and voters. The Bill, pushed through by the government to retrospectively change the law to allow them to get away with theft of jobseeker’s benefits, should have faced stiff opposition.

It didn’t.  On the contrary, the majority of Labour MPs abstained, allowing the Bill to pass with barely a squeak.  Among those Labour MPs who didn’t vote were South Tyneside’s David Miliband and Stephen Hepburn.  This vote was a clear choice between right and wrong.  Our MPs did nothing.

For a party that claims to represent the working class, they failed miserably.  Labour has no credibility as an opposition party, instead being the appeasing third spoke of this Tory led government.

The people of South Tyneside are facing tough times which are set to get tougher, and their Labour MPs don’t even stand up and be counted for them.

I can’t help but wonder why people continue to vote Labour, when it’s MPs take their votes for granted, whilst at the same time failing to put their voters’ interests first.