Legal stuff


The views I express on this blog are my own, and don’t represent that of my employers or that of my professional affiliates.  Neither do they represent the views of my family, my dog or the annoying seagull living on my chimney stack.  If you have an issue with any of the content of my posts then please raise it with me.

Similarly, the views of visitors commenting on this blog are theirs alone.  Moderated publishing of those comments does not imply endorsement of any views expressed.  Again, if you take issue with those comments and consider them to be libellous please let me know before you let your lawyers have at me.

Comment policy

There isn’t really one, but please try and play nice and have fun.  Please don’t make personal comments about people, argue their words and actions instead.  However, things may get heated, so please follow a simple web debate rule of thumb: don’t take comments too seriously or personally.

This blog is under my moderation alone, and I will delete libellous, racist and unnecessarily inflammatory comments, and anything else I consider to be unsuitable.


Please consider the material I publish on this blog as being under the Creative Commons License (CC), except where it’s someone else’s copyright material and like a good chap I’ll clearly state so and give them credit.

Under CC license you’re welcome to copy, distribute and republish my material from this blog as long you have the common courtesy to give me credit.  This is also on the understanding that such use of material from this blog is strictly for non-commercial purposes: I don’t get financial benefit for my work here, and neither should you.

Also, if you’re reproducing material on your own website, a link back would be rather nice of you too, thank you.

If you don’t credit the material on this blog I reserve the right to consider you to be a joyless and unethical douche and I will never let you forget it.

This all works both ways, so if you think I’ve infringed your copyright in any way on this blog then please let me know.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



One response to “Legal stuff”

  1. Tom Ruffles says :

    Not sure how to contact you, but as a Mike Hallowell-watcher, I thought you might enjoy this:

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