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Greens are go for May 2nd

Unashamedly democratic socialist in flavour, with a raft of bold pledges that go far beyond the grey focus group designed middle-England pleasing platitudes that the three main parties seem satisfied to place one their stalls.  No kneeling before the Chicago School neo-liberal consensus.  That’s the Green Party party political broadcast for the May 2nd elections.  Gutsy, and a demonstration that Green politics go further than recycling and ecological conservation.  Much further.  Sadly there won’t be a Green standing for the parliamentary by-election in South Shields, but it’s understandable – £500 could be spent better elsewhere rather than losing it fighting to be an also-ran in a safe Labour seat where the other parties are scrabbling for the honour of second place.

It isn’t just an election broadcast, it’s a proclamation of what is possible.  Watch it.