Live Long And Prosper

Leonard Nimoy died today.  But that’s not the end.  Every atom in his body will move on to become another part of the universe.  At some point before the universe dies, maybe one of the atoms resting in you or me will momentarily meet with one of the atoms that briefly visited him.  Maybe it’s already happened.

His legacy will live on – for the joy he gave as an entertainer and for the overwhelmingly positive thoughts and ideas he left behind. And as last words go, Leonard Nimoy’s final tweet demonstrates the touching humanity of a man acutely aware of his mortality, a man who is famous for pretending not to be human.



One response to “Live Long And Prosper”

  1. Swiftsure says :

    Yes. Many scientists today who are busy making what was science fiction into what is now science fact got their inspiration as children from Star Trek and other way-out, imaginative stories.

    Maybe Leonard Nimmoy did not have that in mind when he was playing the part of Spock, but he is part of the legacy he and others have left to inspire, dare I say it, “The Next Generation.” I suspect he realised it in his later years.

    He lived long and prospered, and so will many others because of him.

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