Greens are go for May 2nd

Unashamedly democratic socialist in flavour, with a raft of bold pledges that go far beyond the grey focus group designed middle-England pleasing platitudes that the three main parties seem satisfied to place one their stalls.  No kneeling before the Chicago School neo-liberal consensus.  That’s the Green Party party political broadcast for the May 2nd elections.  Gutsy, and a demonstration that Green politics go further than recycling and ecological conservation.  Much further.  Sadly there won’t be a Green standing for the parliamentary by-election in South Shields, but it’s understandable – £500 could be spent better elsewhere rather than losing it fighting to be an also-ran in a safe Labour seat where the other parties are scrabbling for the honour of second place.

It isn’t just an election broadcast, it’s a proclamation of what is possible.  Watch it.


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3 responses to “Greens are go for May 2nd”

  1. Kevin Rigg says :

    An attractive alternative. Socialist, clear, compassionate and lacking the venom of the usual left or right rhetoric. I could be tempted!

  2. Peter W Skevington says :

    A feisty, straight talking leader too on the evidence of her appearance on QT last night. Often wonder what kind of country we would be living in if Liberals and Labour had been the main two parties in opposition during the past 60 years; perhaps a fairer more equal, community minded and open society.

  3. Phil Talbot says :

    This is a well-produced and attractive political broadcast – and must have cost a few quids. Shame national Greens could not find a spare £500 to put up at least a ‘paper candidate’ to give people the chance to vote for them in S.Shields by-eleXion. [Rumour has it that UKIP – who despite their ‘respectability’ seem to me only goose-steps away from BNP – spent about £40,000 on their second place. Wonder where they get their money from?]
    Best Wishes, Phil T
    ps. nice dune flowers pic too

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