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Tree silhouette that looks like a cat

Not quite pareidolia, but an insight into the brain’s (or Brian’s) faulty model recognition engine.



Boat bones

fillet of boat

Trow Rocks rescue

Long distance shot of a Seaking helicopter on a rescue at Trow Rocks, South Shields.
Trow Rocks rescue

Morning sky

Newcastle Central Library
morning sky

Face in the sky


A little bit of Pareidolia in some noctilucent clouds from earlier on in the week, taken from my bedroom window with a mobile phone.

South Shields in top British Walks

souter lighthouse at dawn_3064404524_l by Brian Paget
souter lighthouse at dawn, a photo by Brian Paget on Flickr.

The walk from Souter Lighthouse to South Shields was featured in yesterday’s Guardian newspaper in a collection of top British walks compiled in association with the National Trust. Check it out here.

Tioram deer

Whilst I was taking photos of the sunset over Loch Moidart towards the Isle of Muck, this sweetie turned up to feed.

Tioram deer