ConDem nation

So according to documents leaked to the Guardian, the predictions that George Osborne’s budget was an economic scorched earth policy wasn’t just hyperbole.  The Treasury’s own forecast of the outcome of the slash and burn budget makes Cam n Clegg’s “fair, fair, fair” and “we’re all in it together” mantra look like the trite and dishonest propaganda it is.

Labour gave us the war on terror to use our fear to chip away at our hard won civil liberties, aided and abetted by a pliant media.  What the Lib Dems and the Conservatives have given us is a shock budget, part of a war on deficit, where they can justify just about anything in the name of the economy.  Trouble is, it isn’t our economy, it belongs to those who went to the same schools as Cameron and Osborne and wine and dine at the same restaurants.

The ConDem horse is only just out of the stalls, but it looks like this horse should have sent to the glue factory back in the 80s.


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