Began the day well

As I type this, dozens of gay couples have already been married after marriage for same sex couples became legal at midnight.  This is a long overdue right and it should be remembered that among a long list of travesties in their time in government, the Tory-Lib Dem Coalition did at least one good thing.

Thirteen years of Labour government resulted in civil partnership – a compromise for many gay couples – it was easier for Tony Blair’ s Labour Party to take the country to war than to allow gay couples to take wedding vows.

To be fair, at least Labour did sonething for gay couples, and civil partnership has made many couples happy.  A party like UKIP would never have considered same sex marriage, and today they’re looking like they’re on the wrong side of history.

So, today is a good day, gay people in our society – our friends, family, neighbours and co-workers – now enjoy the same marriage rights as everyone else.  So I’ll say something I’ll probably never say again:

Well done David Cameron!



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