And the Member of Parliament for South Shields is…

South Shields Labour party has selected the next MP for the town, Primrose councillor Emma Lewell-Buck. Some would say I’m jumping the gun, but let’s be pragmatic. South Shields is about as safe as it gets for Labour.

The real competition in the by-election is going to be for second place, with UKIP trying to claim another media coup by scalping the Tories at the polls. This is a cynical approach to democracy which I find distasteful. It shows that there’s really no interest in the people of South Shields from UKIP, only a desire to suck in more publicity for the long haul, with an eye on 2015. South Shields has one UKIP councillor, David Potts (although he was elected as a Tory), a tweeting disaster zone, and his past could prove poisonous for a UKIP parliamentary candidate.

From what I’ve seen of Emma Lewell-Buck in the local press I’ve been impressed. She seems hardworking and involved with the people of the Primrose ward. She particularly impressed me as being the only Labour councillor to actually risk publicly criticising the BNP when they were trying to goose-step their way into Jarrow.

Coincidentally, a notification from South Tyneside Council Elections Office hit the doormat today, warning that “there is likely to be a Parliamentary by-election… the earliest date for which is Thursday 2nd May.” So, if you’re not registered to vote, get your finger out and contact South Tyneside Council and get sorted. I know I said the MP has already been selected, but, you never know…


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One response to “And the Member of Parliament for South Shields is…”

  1. Peter W Skevington says :

    The “GAZ” seems to have put a block upon any comments about local politicians, candidates and news stories concerning the forthcoming by election. Will be interesting to see whether or not media scrutiny and investigative journalism gives any candidate an uncomfortable time.

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