Death by Papal decree–a faith based initiative

This is terrible.  A pregnant woman, in awful pain and knowing that she wouldn’t be able to carry to full term, asked a doctor to abort her foetus.  She was refused an abortion, not for medical reasons, but for religious reasons.  Her condition worsened.  She asked again, and again.  She was again refused, and couldn’t have the abortion until the foetus had died.  By then it was too late.  Seven days after first being admitted to hospital, she died.

It’s hard for me to comprehend that someone could submit another human being in so much suffering to so much cruelty.

This didn’t happen back in the Middle Ages, in the remote Taliban-controlled mountains of Afghanistan or in an African refugee camp with no medical facilities.  This was in 21st Century Republic of Ireland, in a modern hospital, short of nothing.  Except compassion.

The Republic of Ireland; a modern, civilised western country.

Savita Halappanavar is a victim of a repressive theocratic state and an uncaring doctor who put the pronouncement of a Pope before the well-being of a patient, before the survival of a fellow human being.  This is a death which could have been avoided with a relatively simple treatment.  Except that simple treatment is illegal in a country where the laws are driven by dogma and faith.

I know it will be of no consolation to her family, but hopefully the Republic of Ireland will learn from Mrs Halappanavar’s tragic death, and that it’s people seek to reform their barbaric abortion laws.  And hopefully, it will be a warning and a lesson for us here in the UK of what could happen here if the likes of Jeremy Hunt and Nadine Dorries (and others who seek to remove the reproductive rights of women) got their way and reduced abortion limits.


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2 responses to “Death by Papal decree–a faith based initiative”

  1. Tommie Mello says :

    Awesome info and nicely written. Keep up the great stuff!

  2. idebenone says :

    When it comes to abortion, there is no shortage of “What if…?’s.” Just when it seems the injustice of abortion has been firmly established, you’ll hear things like: What if the woman was raped? , What if she can’t afford a child? , or What if the baby is deformed? These questions don’t address the fundamental ethics of abortion, but they do introduce a host of difficult variables. Some people appeal to them earnestly. Many do not. These “hard cases” are often used as a last defense by those who actually believe abortion should be legal no matter what the circumstances. They appeal to these more emotionally-charged circumstances in an attempt to move the focus away from the heart of the issue – which is the humanity of unborn children and the violence of abortion. The best way to expose the fallacy of such claims is to simply broaden the context and apply them to children outside the womb. No matter how you frame it, the difficulty that these circumstances present do not justify the death of an innocent human being.

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