Why the outrage about Dorries in the jungle?

So Nadine Dorries is going to be in the Australian jungle for a few weeks.  So what?  I know it’s easy to have a go at Dorries.  She brings it on herself for her outbursts and ridiculous opinions.

But is disappearing into the jungle for a few weeks that unusual for an MP?  Well, to the jungle, yes.  However, it’s not unusual for many UK constituencies to not see their MP for many weeks at a time.  I’m not talking about when they’re in London for their parliamentary duties.  Lecture tours, teaching jobs, time spent in the boardrooms of companies (and football clubs).  Many MPs have interests and incomes outside of parliament which by their very nature mean they can’t be serving their constituents at the same time.

This is the issue that needs resolving: should MPs be allowed to spend time away from their jobs as MPs to pursue careers elsewhere?

There is an argument heard often that politicians should have outside interests to make them more rounded representatives for their constituents.  I don’t buy this, but until the contradiction is resolved then moaning about Dorries on I’m A Celebrity… is little more than fashionable outrage at this week’s political pinata.


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One response to “Why the outrage about Dorries in the jungle?”

  1. Peter W Skevington says :

    Never watch the programme; it is a TV nadir as far as I am concerned (no pun intended). My mission is to watch every available episode of Chuck Norris in Texas Rangers, as part of my preparation to stand as a PCC Candidate in 4 years time, when I will still be a relative youngster at age 70.

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