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South Tyneside councillor David Potts has thrown his hat in the ring for the job of Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner.  His candidate statement is here on the TopOfTheCops.com blog, and it makes for interesting reading.

“I will clean up the streets of our region, make people feel safe in their homes, and tackle drug dealers and other scumbags with a firm hand”

Very commendable ambitions, but the ‘firm hand’ seems out of tune with the David Potts who exhibited a less than firm anti-crime stance when he offered himself as a character witness for a man who assaulted his ex-partner and her new partner.  One of the victims of the assault was less than satisfied after the conviction:

“I think the sentence is a bit lenient”

It seems odd that David Potts thinks he has the kind of character to handle the job.  On Twitter, he’s a bit of a maverick, to put it kindly.  He put South Shields in the national press after calling MP David Miliband a wanker.  A couple of weeks ago he hit the local press again after offering to meet up with a constituent at a ‘bunga bunga‘ party.  And he hasn’t been shy in offering his very low opinion of public sector workers, despite being classified as a council employee himself to justify the wodges of council tax-payers cash being thrown at the hunt for the elusive Mr Monkey.

And he’s no stranger to the Police himself either.  In March he was on the receiving end of a police caution for the unauthorised disclosure of personal data, an incident which may see him in front of South Tyneside Council’s Standards Committee.

But to be fair to him, he has some thrilling ideas for beating crime.  He proposes setting up a special task force called the ‘Rangers’, which will do all kinds of busting and suchlike.  Whether this branding idea was inspired by the Texas Rangers or the US Rangers is unknown.  It all sounds very exciting and dynamic.

It is quaint to note that despite the tools of 21st Century policing – high tech equipment, helicopters, fast cars and weaponry, Potts still sees a role for traditional policing; one of his key proposals is more mounted officers.  No doubt they’ll prove invaluable when the Mongols descend from the Mongolian steppe to pillage the streets of the North East.


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8 responses to “Pottsy’s plod”

  1. David Potts says :

    Interesting that such a keen environmentalist would choose choppers and police cars over horses

    • brian paget says :

      Haha, you got me – I was tempted to use the ‘low carbon cops’ approach.

      I look forward to when you say it was all a joke because you think the post is a useless waste of money and resources. I mean, the Ahmed Khan style bit in your submission about all the other candidates being in it for the money and offering to only take £1 salary was pure comedy genius. Arnando Ianucci needs to watch out.

  2. David Potts says :

    I knew I could count on your vote, Brian! Great to have support from the Green lobby. Thanks

  3. Sear's Crossing says :

    Well he has got an excellent cv for this sensitive, demanding, diplomatic role in the community.

  4. Gary Gleeson says :

    The shame of it is that it appears Councillor Potts has decided not to seek the UKIP nomination for PCC (Source: BBC)

    Any link between this decision and the Councillor’s recent decision to declare himself bankrupt is, at this stage, unknown. Hopefully the Councillor will comment shortly.

    • brian paget says :

      I wouldn’t know his motivation, as sadly Coun Potts has protected his twitter feed from me. However, he has been uncharacteristically quiet on the issue. Maybe he’s going to dedicate his time to fighting the BNP. Again.

      • Gary Gleeson says :

        The esteemed Councillor has also seen fit to block me from viewing his twitter feed. However, I am informed that he has not commented on the matter on Twitter.

        Unconfirmed reports are that he was due to be presented as a UKIP PCC candidate at the recent conference in Birmingham, and would share the stage with all other UKIP PCC candidates. However, these reports go on to say that Councillor Potts was AWOL during the conference and, therefore, has been asked to pay the £5k candidate deposit himself. It appears he is either unable or unwilling to pay the deposit and, therefore, his candidacy has been erased from the annals of history in a style befitting Communist China.

        Again, these are unconfirmed reports and we await the Councillor’s comments to clarify. Perhaps someone at our local newspapers could provide the Councillor with a suitable forum to air such a clarification?

  5. Peter W Skevington says :

    The apparently “safe pair of hands” Alistair Baxter chosen by UKIP would appear to have very little time or opportunity to promote his candidature. I doubt if the majority of people in Northumbria were aware of Councillor Potts’ candidacy,given the low level of interest in PCCs and elections therefor, so I suggest that he has wisely decided to draw a veil over it, and move on.At the end of the day very few local people take any interest or note of what local politicos tweet.

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