Big Brother Dave is watching you

Many Tories like to model themselves as libertarians, but really under the surface they are simply authoritarian curtain-twitchers.  They want to control every aspect of other people’s lives with much the same zeal as the Soviet.  To control you have to know what people are doing, and thinking.  Now David Cameron wants to snoop on every UK citizen, whether they’ve committed a crime or not, under plans announced today.

This changes all of us from being citizens, into potential perpetrators of whatever the government deems to be criminal.  This is the authoritarian moral abyss of Judge Dredd, where everyone who is not guilty of something, will be sooner or later.

We can’t trust our security services with our information.  Given the porous nature of the relationship between the police forces and the media, any person’s emails, texts or the details of which websites they visit, could be leaked to a press after blood.  Be it a footballer or a union official, or maybe an ordinary person, like a former teacher suspected of murder.  Every grain of their online existence will become grist for the mill in search of sales and advertising revenue.

Labour demonstrated the same drive to collect information on UK citizens during the Blair and Brown years, but failed.  Now, instead of respecting every citizen’s right to privacy, David Cameron is resurrecting Labour’s plans to spy on us, and make the UK just like that other great shining example of liberal democracy, China.



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3 responses to “Big Brother Dave is watching you”

  1. Ken says :

    Brian, I usually disagree with just about evrything you say, but, in this case…yes, could not agree more, it is simply not acceptable to have your privacy invaded in this way. Hopefully Labour will manage to stop this going through, just as the Conservatives and Lib Dems did when Labour were in power and tried the same thing. We have learned from abuse of the existing “anti terrorist” legislation that it is not a question of “if” abuses occur, but “when”. Like old men being ejected from meetings for heckling thier leaders and betters. Pleased to see as well that at least one other person has spotted that the Police are the real baddies in the “phone hacking” furore, if they had not allowed sensitive information to “leak” the News of the World would not have found it so easy to snoop.

    • brian paget says :

      Ken, I have no confidence that Labour would repeal this bill. I had hoped that the Tories would do at least one good thing and roll back Labour’s erosion of our civil liberties under the the excuse of combating terrorism. Sadly, the Lib Dems can’t even keep their promises to protect liberal values.

      • Ken says :

        Oh, I never thought they would repeal it, once it was passed, if they (Labour) got into Government, it would be far to useful to be able to snoop, and be able to blame it on the Conservatives, what joy. No, I thought perhaps, whilst in opposition, they might, well actually oppose as it were.

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