Letter: No better slave, no worse master

Here’s a letter I’ve sent to the Shields Gazette, published here on their website (somewhat edited):

A member of the Roman emperor Tiberius’ household said of a young Caligula, “Never was there a better slave, or a worse master”, when describing Caligula’s slavish obedience to Tiberius, whilst offering nothing but cruelty to those under him.

The quote could well describe the current Tory government.  We’re just discovering the price the Tories charge the wealthy for access to the Prime Minister and the Chancellor.  With a series of government policies promising to line the pockets of the rich, it seems like a dinner with the PM is a worthwhile investment.

At the same time as featherbedding their wealthy paymasters, the Tories, with their lickspittle Lib Dem accomplices, are dismantling the welfare system and handing over an NHS already wounded by Labour’s marketisation mania, to be stripped bare by the hyenas from the Tory dinner table.  The sick and disabled are being demonised and forced to jump ever more difficult hurdles, resulting in even the terminally ill losing their benefits.

As with every Tory government, the poor and the unwell will suffer worst.  The poor cannot afford the £250,000 for dinner with Cameron, but if you’re on the kind of income to enjoy Osborne’s tax cut from 50p to 45p in the pound, you can decide the dinner menu at Chez No 10.  No better slaves, no worse masters.

If there is a ‘Broken Britain’, then the cracks are largest at the top.


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2 responses to “Letter: No better slave, no worse master”

  1. Ken says :

    Is this a North Korean Press Release?

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