What ‘greenest government ever’ candidates said before their parties decided to put business before the environment

Another day, another set of proposals from a government set to take the UK back into the 19th Century by removing scores of environmental regulations under the excuse of cutting red tape.  At the last election, parliamentary candidates for my home town of South Shields were desperate to show how green their political landscape was.  Here’s what Karen Allen, Conservative Parliamentary candidate for South Shields at the last election, said about the Tories’ position on the environment:

From the very beginning of his leadership of the Conservative Party, David Cameron made clear that Britain must take a position of leadership on the global – as well as our own – environment.

Given the Conservative’s plans to to slash and burn environment regulations, it seems that the real commitment wasn’t to the environment, but to let business get on with polluting our beautiful country.

But let’s not forget those enablers of the Tories’ wholesale plans to turn the UK into a hell-hole.  I have a lot of time for Stephen Psallidas, the Lib Dem candidate for South Shields at the last election.  He walks the walk (or cycles), but his description of his party’s dedication to environment doesn’t match with the reality of Oliver Letwin’s cull of environmental protections:

Both I personally, and the Lib Dems as a party, are very strongly committed to tackling climate change, and progressing environmental policy generally.

So, the Lib Dem commitment to ‘progressing environmental policy’ has turned out to be something more like ambivalence.

Without our ecological assets we can’t take anything for granted; health, food, water.  Worrying about the relatively minor economic benefits of cutting ‘red tape’ to buff the bottom line of companies is insanity.  Our environment provides us with an unaccountably awesome value – for free – a value which will be lost if business is allowed operate without sensible checks and set free to rape the environment.


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