Kill the Bill and save the NHS

After the Second World War, our country introduced probably one of the greatest post-war legacies – the National Health Service.  After the tyranny of fascism was crushed by citizen soldiers fighting for a common cause, so did the post war Labour government attempt to eradicate the tyranny of a privatised health system which meant the poor couldn’t access the medicine and care the rich could afford.  For the first time, everyone had equal access to health provision.

Along with the creation of the Welfare State, it was a watershed moment for British society.

Now we are at another watershed moment.  Currently the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition is conspiring to dismantle the NHS and hand it over to the vultures of privatisation in the form of Andrew Landsley’s health and social care bill, a bill which David Cameron is determined to force through Parliament with every tool at his disposal.

For a government which has so far operated with such brazen dishonesty, it’s easily more troubling than even Baroness Warsi’s loveletter to theocracy.

We’ve seen what private health provision has done for women given the PIP breast implants.  As soon as private cosmetic surgery firms were found sharp dealing with the implants, they walked away from their responsibilities, whilst the government refused to intervene.  Lansley’s bill would absolve the government of responsibility for the NHS, and abandoned patients to the cruel contempt of the market.

This bill doesn’t need tweaking, it needs dropping completely.  It won’t make the NHS better or improve patient care.  In fact, it’s designed to benefit everyone else in the NHS business cycle long before patients.

It comes down to this.  If the NHS is to survive, Lansley’s bill must be stopped.  The Lib Dems can’t be relied on to have a moderating effect – indeed if they did, this bill would never have seen the light of day.  Neither, sadly, can we rely on Labour to mount an effective opposition.  It seems like whenever Labour has a chance to be an opposition, Ed Miliband wimps out of delivering a killer blow, and instead tries to appeal to the average Daily Mail reader.

I don’t often sign petitions, and never mid e-petitions; I’ve become terribly cynical of them.  Politicians have a nasty knack of weaselling out of responding to them by misrepresenting the motivation for them, or worse, bending the petitions to suit their own agendas.

However, this petition here is worth spending a minute of your life – to save lives – and to show not just David Cameron, but every politician, how much we want to keep the NHS.    The petition description has no caveats or grey areas.  It couldn’t be simpler.  It just says:

“Drop the Health Bill”

[This petition] “Calls on the Government to drop its Health and Social Care Bill.”

If you want to save the NHS, not just for yourself but for future generations, please go here: Drop the Health Bill

We must protect the legacy we have been given – and pass it on to our children and theirs.


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