Think logically, think skeptically

A regular commenter on this blog, The Skeptic, has now set up shop and created a blog on WordPress, ‘Bad Thinking‘.  It’s shaping up to be an exercise in using formal logic as part of the skeptical toolkit to examine the extraordinary claims of paranormalists, UFOlogists and any other ‘ists’ who fail to apply critical thinking to their own remarkable assertions.

It promises to be interesting, challenging, funny and if past performance is anything to go by, sometimes upsetting to the self proclaimed ‘experts’ of the weird.



One response to “Think logically, think skeptically”

  1. swiftsure666 says :

    Brian – Thanks for the mention.

    The new blog is very new, but I decided to let it go live now, and I’ll tinker with the various settings over the next week or so until I get it looking the way I want it.

    I will be trying to make it interesting, challenging and funny, as you suggest. But who could I possibly upset? Paranormal experts always prove their case with evidence, don’t they?

    And if you say I’m wrong, I’m going to stick you with legal threats (…er, I mean publicly available evidence that I am right).

    Anyway, I was known on various blogs as “the skeptic,” but I am now about to resurface under my real pseudonym – and with a new avatar.


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