Chaos theory

Just when you thought that London’s police couldn’t make themselves look any more stupid, their anti-terrorist monkeys come out with this gem of a piece of advice:

“Any information relating to anarchists should be reported to your local police.”

That’s it, anarchists pose a great threat to the safety of the fabric of our society and must be watched.  Not the banks who have screwed over our economy, the media moguls prying into the secrets of dead children or the mega carbon companies paying to slow action on climate change.  Nor the leaders who send our soldiers to die in foreign lands in fools’ wars, or the religious extremists who want to force their ideology on others.  But a disparate group of mostly crusty old farts (at least the ones I’ve met) to whom anarchism is an ideal of a life free from state interference.  That doesn’t seem any more dangerous than a severe bout of optimistic naivety, over an ideal that will never be realised.  Most anarchists follow this ideal peacefully, and aren’t the ignorant thugs and oafs who smash shop windows and burn tyres.

This isn’t a defence of anarchists or anarchy – there will be some who do favour violence as a means to an end.  The point here isn’t about anarchism or libertarianism or any ism, it’s about a police force knowing it has a right to monitor people purely upon their political ideology.  So whilst corporations take over control of our society with the blessing of government, the police act on their behalf to protect their interests from anyone considered to be a risk.  Paranoid?  Perhaps a little, but the police have already got form: spying on green campaign groups, unlawfully locking up protesters and even classifying the Green Party as an anarchist organisation.

That’s an admission by police that they have the right to not just police people, but our thoughts too.

Perhaps the anarchists have a point, the state should keep it’s nose out of the business of peaceful law-abiding citizens, and stop criminalising the innocent for having the wrong thoughts.


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