Piss poor paranormal

Read last night’s tedious Wraithscape column in the Shields Gazette? No? Here’s a quick summary to save you valuable time:

Woman’s smoke detector is broken, so she has new ones fitted. Then one night the broken smoke alarm goes off inexplicably; there’s no fire. Woman thinks it’s her dead gran trying to comfort her from beyond the grave, because said grandma loved her smoke alarms. Author Mike Hallowell thinks this tripe is spooky enough to fill column inches. Gazette editorial happy to waste ink and page space printing this rubbish.

The end.


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4 responses to “Piss poor paranormal”

  1. Janet Cross says :

    That’s hilarious.

    I love your dry wit!

  2. Tom Ruffles says :

    You may find my take on the Willington Mill book of interest:


  3. Mike Hallowell says :

    Lest anyone should think that Skeptic had pierced me in the jugular (above), those with an interest in fair play may want to check out a response I made to some of the above criticisms.


    I await Skeptic’s apology, but will not be holding my breath in the meantime. And the sceptics often accuse we paranormalists of not checking our facts…

  4. the skeptic says :

    Yes, go over to the Gazette and see how dissent is handled. Comment No.7 has been removed. Censored is perhaps a better word. Cheap tactics, but effective for stifling debate.

    What was that about fair play?

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