Letter: Yes To AV

Here’s a letter published in tonight’s Shields Gazette:

It’s amusing to see South Tyneside Labour Party councillors toeing the party line when it comes to the Alternative Vote; amusing because they’re toeing David Cameron’s line and promoting the ‘No to AV’ campaign, instead of following their own party leader Ed Miliband. They even display the same scaremongering and dishonesty, and tellingly, the same low opinion of voters’ intelligence; features which permeate No to AV campaign.

There’s no doubt that the No to AV campaign is a Tory party machine.  The campaign’s leaders are mostly from Tory backgrounds and much of the funding comes from wealthy party donors, who must consider the Labour and union puppets on-board as particularly ‘useful idiots’.

Many politicians are doing all they can to derail a fairer electoral system, to protect their own feather-bedded privilege and keep power safely away from the people. Is it any wonder that citizens are losing faith in politics?

Such a cynical attitude is poisonous to democracy.

The British voter deserves better: AV, which could give a voice to people whose vote in safe seats are currently ignored.

David Cameron says his ‘gut instinct’ tells him that AV is wrong. I prefer to use my brain, but if I had to, my gut instinct would tell me that if the Tories and their wealthy backers are against AV, then AV must be the right move for the rest of us.

If you want a better, fairer electoral system, vote YES to AV.


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