X-Files expelled

As regular UFO features in local newspapers demonstrate, stories of little green men from other worlds are very popular. Mysterious tales of flying objects, crashing objects and people abducted by extra terrestrials determined to push the limits of anal probing can be found threaded through popular culture and media.  It’s big business, a business that uses the tiniest grains of anecdotal evidence to fuel speculation and spectacular claims, and at the same time make a tidy income for those only too happy to cash in on the mythology.

Despite the famous ‘Roswell Incident‘ having been debunked for many years, writers are still drawn to repeat the myth that has grown around a concatenation of unrelated incidents in New Mexico, and suggest dark motives behind mysterious government forces allegedly working to conceal the ‘truth’ of Roswell’s past.

Today’s news, that the FBI had destroyed thousands of reports of alleged UFO incidents during the 1940s and 1950s, will no doubt feed into one of the core components of the alien visitation mythos: the theory that governments across the world are involved in a huge conspiracy to cover up visitation by beings from other worlds.

The breadth of such a conspiracy would be immense – tens or hundreds of thousands of people working in governments across the globe keeping a secret that would change our understanding of our place in the universe.

However, instead of a saucy conspiracy, the reality is much less glamorous.  The FBI simply didn’t have the space to store the records, records which they admitted were of no interest.

Less X-Files, more crank files.

Nevertheless, we can look forward to the many UFO ‘believers’ out there implying that this is another example of a dirty tricks campaign orchestrated by shadowy government bodies to hide the ‘truth’ about UFOs.

For the FBI, the ‘truth’ isn’t out there.  It’s in the trashcan, where it belongs.


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One response to “X-Files expelled”

  1. Bryan says :

    My favourite UFO stories are the ones when someone gets captured by aliens and ‘forced’ to shag them.
    To get taken in by that BS you’ve got be almost as gullible as that sap who believed his ‘virgin’ girlfriend had become pregnant by immaculate conception.

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