Letter: a disturbing theme

A letter published in tonight’s Shields Gazette, in response to a letter on 8th February where correspondent ‘Mr Goldsmith’ of  South Shields described the Auschwitz concentration camp as a ‘theme park’.

Here it is:

After recognising that we should not forget the Holocaust, Mr Goldsmith in his letter of 8th February then refers to Auschwitz as a ‘theme park’. Was he trying to be funny? This is probably one of the most idiotic comments I’ve ever read in the Gazette, and reminds me of the arguments usually brandished by the Holocaust denialists of the neo-Nazis, the British National Party, or the English Defence League.

After rightly criticising the cynical use of Holocaust Memorial Day to score political points, Goldsmith then committed the same abuse of the day of remembrance by demonstrating a brand of ignorance which Holocaust Memorial Day is meant to help eradicate.

Clearly we have a long way to go as a society if people like Mr Goldsmith have learned nothing from some of the darkest episodes of our history.


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