Andrew’s Great Game

You couldn’t hope for a much better example of Royal arrogance and corruption than Andrew Windsor, erstwhile helicopter pilot currently with the job of adding a bit of playboy pizaz to flogging British weapons to former schoolchums and the scum of the world. A job which was literally made for him. Today it’s been revealed from the Wikileaks US cables leaks that as well as happily rubbing shoulders with dirtbags, Andrew lives in a fantasy world where Britain is still playing the ‘Great Game’:

Ms Gfoeller said Prince Andrew told her that the UK, Western Europe and the US were now “back in the thick of playing the Great Game” – a reference to the 19th centrury struggle between the British and Russian Empires for control of Europe.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.  Andrew has a problem with anti-corruption investigations, whether it be by journalists or by his mum’s law enforcement agencies, and his behaviour is indistinguishable from a morally ambivalent sociopathic scumbag who puts cash before ethics and honesty.

Why do we have these feudal throwbacks in positions of responsibility?  Why do we have them at all?


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