Teaching ignorance and contempt

I’ve long thought that state-funded religious schools were discriminatory, but not the way England’s chief schools adjudicator Ian Craig thinks.  His report seems to have focussed only on a small facet of religious schools’ entrance requirements, and concluded that they favour white middle class families.

That finding is no surprise, as white middle class families are better at gaming the system than their poorer counterparts. Although the report seems to have had a very limited remit, it did reveal that those schools that had been caught bending and breaking the entrance rules faced no censure, and could continue their discriminatory practices.

The real inequality of state-funded religious schools is in their core – religion. Discriminating against anyone on the basis of religion is a divisive throwback which has no place in a modern civilised society. There’s no rational reason for the state to be funding schools which are essentially engaged in social engineering by placing indoctrinating an ideology before education.

The solution is simple and straightforward – stop state funding of religious schools.


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