Godless Sunday music: Godless America

It seems odd that the USA has such a problem with religious intolerance despite having a wholly secular constitution.  This was highlighted this week after professional bigot Bill O’Reilly claimed on a mainstream US television show that “Muslims killed us on 9/11“, implying that every US Muslim was complicit in the attacks, so shouldn’t be allowed a cultural centre two blocks from the site of the World Trade Centre towers.

We have similar bigots here in the UK and fortunately we don’t give them much TV time, but perhaps if the Murdoch empire performs it’s coup de grace on British TV who knows, that may change.  A number of people currently seem to be running under the flag of thug pack the English Defence League, who have plagued a number of cities with their nonsense, with the aim of stirring up trouble.

We don’t really want Fox to import their race and religious bigotry agenda here, and there are plenty of Americans who want religion’s insidious influence removed.  One such American is independent musician Derek Neibarger.  Here’s his Godless America and if you like his heavy rock style, you can download his music for free!


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