In safe hands

Tories to finally kill the NHS

In the run up to election how many times did we hear the Tories tell us that the NHS would be safe in their hands?  I lost count.  I never believed Cameron’s empty words of reassurance anyway, as Tories like MEP Dan Hannan slagging off the NHS live on US TV revealed the true Tory contempt for socialised medical care.

Now it seems that what the Tories think are safe hands are actually the greedy vulture claws of the free market.

The Conservatives are well known for fucking up other people’s services, and their shock doctrine strategy of cuts is a barely disguised mission to hand as much to the private sector as possible.  Now I’m reminded, the hard way, that you can’t trust a Tory, except to fuck you over.

I thought Labour’s privatisations were bad, but Lansley’s ideological split up of the NHS is naked head-in-a-plastic-bag neo-liberal economics.

It’s too easy to blame just the Tories.  Labour took up where the Tories left off thirteen years ago, and have left the new ConDem government an infrastructure fractured into trusts which operate like faceless corporations.  Unaccountable to local people, whilst trust boards were stuffed with Labour cronies cruising to retirement.  Such a system, run by people who will jump at the chance to make an easy buck, makes easy pickings for the Tory vultures.

But let’s not forget who enabled the Torie’s grand scale theft of OUR NHS to put it into the hands of spivs who put profit before people.  Step forward the Liberal Democrats.  They’ve helped the Tories put their hands over the nose and mouth of the NHS, and are now standing back wanking off in neo-liberal bliss enjoying the sight of the slow suffocation of our healthcare system.

The NHS isn’t just a healthcare system.  It’s one of the foundations of our modern democracy.  Without socialised healthcare working people would be forced to rely on health insurance, which is only valid as long as you pay the bill.  This places people in greater fear of losing their jobs as their lives would depend on it.  People would be less likely to complain about unfair working practices, giving employers free reign to treat staff as they please.

And as access to healthcare drops, mortality rates will rise.

I’ve mentioned before that it’s starting to feel like the 80s again, but if they privatise our healthcare system, it’ll be more like the 1880s than the 1980s.

Father of the NHS Nye Bevan coined the founding principle of Britain’s universal healthcare:

No society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means.

Bevan also referred to the Tory party as ‘lower than vermin’.  If only modern Labour MPs had such spirit.  I would remix Bevan’s quote for the 21st Century, though.

Tories and LibDems.  Fucking scum.


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