Let’s start with an open government

Indications are that the Liberal Democrats are ready to do a deal with the Conservatives to form a Libservative or Condemocrat coalition government.  I don’t see a lot of difference whether it be Lib-Con, Lib-Lab or even a Con-Lab.  They all espouse the same neo liberal economic model anyway, with only faint nuances to separate them.

In terms of the horse trading that’s going, what it’s really down to is how much the Lib Dems can get out of it.  Whatever the mixed colour of government that’s going to sit in number 10 next, if we’re going to have a fresh government and parliament without the sleaze of the last, whatever contract is made between the two coalition parties it must be made public.  And I mean public.  Let’s hear the recordings of the telephone conversations, see the emails and the minutes of the meetings to decide how the next government will be formed and how this proposal will be presented to the Queen.  After all, they are really our government.

A common complaint among politicians is that people aren’t engaged enough with politics and government.  This is an opportunity for the government to fully engage with the electorate – we must know how our government is formed.

Anything less will be an insult to every citizen, and an indication that the parliamentary community really does believe itself an elite above the citizenry, and without any need to answer to us.

And that really would be a government without a moral mandate.


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