Bear cheek of the religiomentalists

Why don’t religious nutters understand that if they try and restrict free speech in the interests of protecting their own delicate sensibilities from offence, others who think offence shouldn’t crush free speech will bite back.  After an extremist group warned of violence after South Park allegedly produced an image of Muslim prophet Mohammed in a bear suit in two recent episodes, the episodes have been censored, and older episodes depicting Mohammed removed from the Comedy Channel’s website.

South Park has long intentionally caused offence and not scared to mock holy cows, but in essence every show is a morality story built into an animated sit-com.  When it comes to religious figures, South Park has actually been quite gentle, instead aiming to use the characters for satire, burst preconceptions and mock bigotry.

If they really want to cause offence they could mention Mohammed’s 9 year old wife.

I haven’t seen the episodes yet (so don’t spoil it for me!) but I’ll bet, like the Super Best Friends episode of South Park aired some years ago which featured Mohammed without incident, there’ll be nothing too upsetting.

From the hilarious Jesus and Mo:


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