Love Marmite, hate racism

Actually I hate Marmite.  Like the BNP, it smells awful and leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.  Boom boom.  However, at least the makers of Marmite, Unilever, have some taste and have forced the BNP to drop the use of their Marmite brand in their racist propaganda videos, or face Unilever’s army of giant scorpion lawyers.  No doubt the BNP, who love to play persecuted and whinge like Christians prison bitches, will cry that the man has it in for them and will do anything to stop their radical message being heard blah frickin blah.  Oddly, Unilever is the kind of evil satanist corporation the BNP loves to moan about, but Unilever has had it’s own questionable marketing.

Anyhow, Marmite do political broadcasts much better than the BNP.


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