Big Time

The title of the last post reminded me of the track from Peter Gabriel’s So album.  Big Time was Peter Gabriel’s second single from the album, a darkly satirical musical take on the 80s narcissism, ambition and greed of those riding the top of the economic wave.  The soulful Don’t Give Up from the same album was a counterpoint which considered the despair felt by those unemployed and in poverty, crushed by the neo-liberal economic tsunami.

Ironically, Gary Barlow’s Take That refers to Don’t Give Up as an inspiration for their work.  Pity Barlow doesn’t seem to have actually got what the song was about when he chose to endorse the Conservatives.

Big Time seems quite apt for now, given the Big theme being used by David Cameron, himself an ideological product of 1980s voodoo economics.  There’s little chance that Cameron won’t continue the Thatcher project, particularly after Brown has kept it ticking along.  To be fair, Brown and Clegg would continue it too.

The track itself is spectacular and original, with a percussive bass style pioneered by bass genius Tony Levin and drummer Jerry Marotta where drumsticks were used to strike the bass guitar strings.


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