I’m a photographer, not a terrorist

Being avid amateur snapper I always carry a camera around with me, but I’ve been worried by the continuing criminalisation and demonisation of photographers by the police and the public, for stupid terror police or paedo-paranoid parents.

In an excellent comment piece in the Guardian on Wednesday, photographer Marc Vallée made the case for a re-establishment of press freedoms in our country, where the rights to report from behind the lens on the wrongs of our government and bodies of state are being curtailed, sometimes violently.  A free press is essential for a democracy.  I would add that the press photography freedoms he calls for should be for all photographers, professional and amateur alike, particularly in an age where the bystander with a mobile phone can become an on-the-spot photo journalist.

The suggestions are good, but would be perhaps better fitted into a constitutionally bound bill of rights enshrining our freedoms and drawing the limits of the state and it’s officer’s to interfere in our lives.

His article is well worth the read, and if you want to contribute to the campaign, I can’t think of anything better than buying one of their cool t-shirts from the brilliant Spreadshirt (no, they’re not paying me).


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One response to “I’m a photographer, not a terrorist”

  1. Bryan says :

    I wonder if they make ‘I’m not a photographer, I was cottaging’ Tee-shirts?

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