Persecution complex

There’s no shortage in irony when the world’s most wealthy and powerful religious corporation plays the persecution card.  It looks like there’s going to be no let up in revelations (no pun intended) of more incidence of child rape at the hands and dicks of Roman Catholic priests, but instead of trying to see justice done, the Roman Catholic Church seems intent on offending as many people as possible.  Today’s sermon by the Pope’s preacher, Raniero Cuntallamessa, went in big time and compared the criticism faced by the RCC with anti-Semitism, describing it as ‘violent and concentric attacks’.  Essentially, the Pope’s private priest is implying that anyone critical of the RCC and the Pope’s handling of priestly child rape scandal is a Nazi.  If he had posted this on an internet forum he would have been laughed off as Godwin spewing moron.

Despite the massive pain caused by the child raping priests, so far there hasn’t been any evidence of a violent backlash against the RCC or it’s clerics.  Indeed, our own government and legislature seems intent on giving religions more influence in our society and has provided them, after no small amount of lobbying from the RCC, a get out of jail free card when it comes to employment legislation.

There is little doubt that at several levels the RCC attempted to hide the incidences of child rape, even threatening excommunication for those clergy who would dare to report such behaviour to the proper authorities (references here).  It’s a powerful deterrent – few devout Christians, particularly clerics, would risk a one-way trip to hell.

Why then, has not one of the church’s child rapist’s been excommunicated?


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