If I had a stomach ulcer

Byers and his cash hungry compadres would be making it fit to burst.  Watching Byers on Dispatches had my blood slowly reaching boiling point.  The guy was either lying about his influence superpowers to his phoney potential customers to big himself up, which makes him a complete douchebag, or Labour ministers past and present are easily influenced douchebags.  But judging by the past 13 years, my money’s on both scenarios.

It’s not as if UK politics needed another scandal to drag democracy through the mud.  We are getting too close to the US model where secondary income and gratuities from sponsors are considered normal.  It serves democracy if MPs should have no external business interests or sponsorship, to ensure that they are unambiguously clear that they are in Parliament to serve only the interests of their electorate, not who can write juicy cheques for them, or make them nice suits to help them look dapper at party shindigs.

Given the contempt with which Byers views cab drivers, I wouldn’t be surprised if a taxi never picked him up again.


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2 responses to “If I had a stomach ulcer”

  1. Michael says :

    Some people would call Byers a greedy, corrupt bastard.
    Whether I’m among them I really can’t say.

  2. Michael says :

    Though a few might be tempted to run him over.

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