Dog tags – rough justice

As a former dog owner, I think tagging dogs is a good idea.  I also think that it’s prudent to insure your dog.  But I also think that it’s the owners’ prerogative.

The government’s plans to introduce legislation to force all dog owners to tag and insure their dogs, because of the behaviour of a few irresponsible owners, is little more than collective punishment for all those careful dog owners who love and care for their animals without incident.  The issue of dangerous dogs does need to be attended to, but those with chav dogs won’t be queuing to get their dogs tagged or insured.

Other than being utterly draconian response, the policy seems like a concession to two main groups.  First the posties union the CWU seem proper chuffed, but the real winners will be the insurance companies, who almost overnight will have a new captive market to profiteer off.  And let’s not forget the new bureaucracy that will need to be funded.

Not everyone with a dog will be able to afford this extra cost, so those who can’t pay for the government’s new finance industry bailout will either be criminalised for not paying up, or many dogs will be abandoned by families who can’t cope with the additional expense on top of everything else this economically incompetent government has decided to lay at household doors.  That means more stray dogs on the streets, more cost to councils to manage the problem and more animals being needlessly put to sleep in Labour’s drive for the next knee-jerk lazy populist policy.

I’m never ever going to vote Labour, but if I was a swing voter and a dog owner, this policy would swing my vote well away from them, and any other political party that thinks this is a good idea.


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