True blue/red Tory colours

Tory commissar, comrade David Cameron, has announced a brave new plan to allow public sector workers to form co-operatives to run public services.  The Conservatives plan will no doubt lead to a workers paradise free from the cruel restrictive burden of the failed hierachal management model.

Let’s get real.  Dave isn’t after a proletarian utopia.  Whilst co-operatives can work, this Tory plan is really about privatisation, the break up and sell off of public services.  First the workers take over, then they fail to meet Dave’s 5-year plans, then they are opened to competition or sold off to the private sector at a knocked down price.

I like Red Dave’s new dusty grey look though.  It says ‘statesman’. It’s almost as if he has PR image advice on tap.  I suppose it’s better than the smoothed face thing.  Now I’m looking forward to Dave wearing the Ché Geuvara t-shirts.  That would make him look really cool.  And hip.


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