Counting angels on the head of a pin

There must be a point at which even most faithful of the Church of England realise how painfully pointless its leading body is.  The General Synod has voted on the proposition that it believes that religion and science are compatible.  And apparently, according to a 241 to 2 vote it is.  And I bet the two had fell asleep anyway.

In an attempt to bolster their point they roll out the token scientists among them, as if it provides them with an authoritative viewpoint.  It doesn’t, at least not any more than one of the Muslim Glasgow airport terrorists, who was a medical doctor, could provide an insight into the compatibility of first class diagnostics with setting himself on fire for his god.

I’ve got no problem with scientists believing in god, or priests understanding physics.  In those terms they are ‘compatible’ only so far as there must be some pretty imaginative mental  gymnastics going on to shoehorn them into the same brain.  Instead of a kind of sweet’n’sour rationalising process, there must be a conceptual demilitarised zone somewhere in there which doesn’t let the two meet.

That doesn’t mean the two domains are compatible in any useful or even empirical sense, and in many ways are most contradictory.  Unless of course, what they really mean is that they concede that the bible is made up and only useful as collection of some brutal storytelling and allegory to interpret as they see fit.

If that’s the case, then Lord of the Rings is also equally compatible with science.  At least LotR has a coherent plot running through it.


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