Short shrift

So according to Clare Short, Tony Blair misled the cabinet and Parliament and took our country into an illegal war.  I’m looking forward to further revelations from Ms Short that bears defecate in the woods and the Pope is indeed a Catholic.

I know, I sound somewhat cynical about Ms Short.  I’ve got no reason not to believe her testimony today, but I also think she is damaged goods.  Blair needed her, she was lefty turned NuLabourette and his link to the backbenchers and old left, or what remained of it after the pre 97 purges.  She fell for the Blair war line, and was bought with empty promises of rebuilding Iraq into a new post war Babylon.

Once we were at war, Short’s damp squib of a departure was no loss to Blair or Labour.  He had got what he wanted.

Short wasn’t alone, much of Parliament also fell for it, including those who were meant to be in opposition and challenge Labour’s plans.  An opposition that wouldn’t normally take Blair’s word over anything, except for Iraq.  Any scrutiny was left to dissident Labour backbenchers and the Lib Dems.  Without Conservative backing the Blair war machine would have lost momentum and credibility, and probably much of it’s public support.  Who knows, without UK support, the USA might even have changed it’s plans.

Labour’s betrayal of the public trust was also a Conservative failure to protect it.

One thing I keep coming back to in my mind is a simple question.  I didn’t believe Blair, his 45 minutes, his WMD, his legal argument or his sexed up intelligence dossier.  I’m just an average bloke of average intelligence.  Yet I saw though Blair’s war cry, as did millions of others.  Why did the hundreds of MPs who voted in support of the war not see through it?


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