After listening to Tony Blair yet again spin his web of deceit, it’s clear that he doesn’t hold an ounce of guilt for leading our country to war on lies and fear.  No guilt for the thousands of Iraqi deaths.  The war on Iraq had been predetermined, but the motivations to sell it needed to be set in play.

Today he laid out the foundations himself for anyone caring to listen.  Fear of terrorism was generated from 9/11.  That allowed Bush and Blair to create the meme that somehow there was a relationship between terrorism and Saddam Hussein.

Then came the famed WMD.  Forty five minutes, a danger to neighbours, history of invasions and cruelty.  No I’m not talking about Israel.  Iraq was a ready made nation of constructed of pure evil with head bogey man Saddam Hussein.

So it’s really a case of same old same old.  We didn’t learn anything new.  We know Blair and his cadre are liars.  We know there’s no WMD.  We know the intelligence was sexed up.  We know the invasion was unlawful.  We know that Bair just fed us the same bullshit.

Chilcot will take us nowhere.  Perhaps a future government will have the strength of will and desire for justice to put Blair and his colleagues in front of a real court.

Since it looks like the next government might be Tory, who supported Blair’s war, there’s no chance of that then.


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