iPad, iPretty

It’s now official.  It’s not the iSlate, iTablet or iWantOne.  The iPad.  Looking like a fat iPod/iPhone, it’s Apple’s next product designed with careful precision to remove money from the wallets of geeks.  Like me.

As a recent convert to the Mac world, in Snow Leopard I’ve found an operating system that works when you switch it on.  Yes, some versions of Linux do that too, particularly those running on netbooks like the one I’m using right now, the Acer Aspire One.

What I haven’t gleaned yet is whether the iPad runs the iPod/iPhone stripped down version of the OS or a fuller more capable engine.  I’ve no real problem with the iPod/iPhone OS, it works very well on those devices and does what I want most of the time.  But a device like the iPad needs something more powerful, particularly with respect to multitasking.

It’s pretty, it’s expensive and no doubt Apple will sell boatloads.  But despite Steve Jobs’ glib accusation that netbooks are “cheap laptops”, netbooks work, especially those using Windows 7, are portable, have a proper keyboard, storage capabilities and at a fraction of the price.

Hmm, but that iPad does look mighty pretty…


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