Note – spoiler alert

I missed this film when it came out at the cinemas last year, and I’m glad I’ve caught up with it. Moon stars Sam Rockwell as lone lunar employee Sam Bell, managing a mostly automated strip mining operation for mineral energy source Helium-3. He’s coming to the end of a three year contract and looking forward to the day he returns home to his family.

His loneliness is exacerbated by the fact that he can’t communicate in real time with his family due to an accident when he arrived on the moon, so his contact with home is by prerecorded messages. His only companion is the mining base’s AI computer, Gerty, voiced by Kevin Spacey.

On an external maintenance trip on one of the automated strip mining vehicles , Sam’s truck crashes, leaving him trapped.  He wakes up later in the mining base infirmary, having lost his memory of the accident.

However, when he goes to the crash site to investigate he finds a body in a space suit.  His own, which he revives and returns to the base.  Sam realises he’s a clone and the film changes into one of the most bizarre buddy movies I’ve seen, as both clones investigate their past, and chillingly discover what their future has in store for them.

Moon to some will seem slow and dull, no big flashes and bangs here, but it’s a thoughtful and intelligent film, exploring the differences in personality between the ‘old’ clone and the ‘new’ clone.  I recommend it to any sci-fi film fan.  If you enjoyed Sunshine, you’ll like this.  And anyway, it’s always enjoyable watching Sam Rockwell.


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