State of Unindependence

It seems that the South Tyneside Independent Alliance doesn’t so much have the concept of independence in mind, as much as their own version of independence.  Now they’re having a go at Fellgate independent councillor Steve Harrison for being, well, independent.

The Khan-Branley Party seems to have forgotten that it was Coun Harrison who first broke Labour’s grip on Fellgate, riding on the back of popular sentiment over the plans to build on the greenbelt at Fellgate.  They have also forgotten that Coun Harrison did this himself without the backing of the big money behind the Alliance.

So instead of backing down and allowing the sitting independent a free stab at another term, the Alliance party has decided to turn dirty by implying that Coun Harrison is in Labour’s pocket.  The irony is, by standing Jason Potts against Harrison, the Alliance risks splitting the vote between ‘their independent’ and a genuinely non-aligned councillor.

Challenging the Alliance can be dangerous business.  If I was Steve Harrison, I’d be watching out for mysterious anonymous postcards bearing his face on a pig’s body in the run up to the local elections.


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