Letter: Zombie Jesus

Whenever we need protecting from ourselves, or zombies and vampires, you can always rely on the good folk of the church to step in (Bishop hits out at Evil Wii Game, Gazette November 25th).

Criticising a zombie game seems like a supreme irony coming from a senior cleric, whose religion venerates the gruesome execution of a man who then, zombie like, rose from the dead. Admittedly it’s not recorded in the Bible that Jesus exhibited an insatiable hunger for fresh brains.

If the Bishop of Jarrow is worried about people’s exposure to violence he need look no further than his own holy book, which puts the scariest computer games and films to shame.

Incest, rape, murder and ethnic cleansing, and that’s just the Old Testament. Add to that the New Testament’s naked homophobia, sexism and relaxed attitude to slavery, makes games like Grand Theft Auto look like a model of liberal values.

The Bishop’s worry about exposure to the occult is misplaced. Horror games have been around for decades and our society hasn’t been taken over by blood sucking ghouls (well, apart from the bankers), any more than Super Mario Bros encouraged increased mushroom consumption.


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