Letter: Miliband looks back on climate failure

South Shields MP David Miliband’s regular party political fluff spot in the Gazette (Now’s time to reflect…, October 11) examining Labour’s achievements after nine years in power is worth further scrutiny.  Not for the fact that many could be critical of what Mr Miliband lists as Labour’s successes, but for what he didn’t say.  It seems that as Secretary of State for the Environment, he didn’t have much to say about Labour’s green record.

This implies that Labour is somehow embarrassed by it’s performance on the environment, and on further consideration it’s not surprising.  Since 1997 Tony Blair has been warning us about the threat of climate change.

Unfortunately, since 1997 the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions have increased.  This increase is set to continue with Labour’s plans for airport expansion and massive new roads building schemes.  But instead of investing massively in emission reduction schemes and developing new initiatives to cut greenhouse gases, Labour has used the concern over climate change and energy to cynically resurrect the nuclear power industry.

If there is one achievement that Mr Miliband wants Labour to remembered for, does he want it to be for fiddling whilst the planet burned?


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