Email to David Cameron

We all recognise the importance of tackling climate change, and I welcome the emphasis that you are placing on the issue.

Last Friday the House of Commons debated a proposed new law called the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill.  This Bill is an important step forward in tackling climate change.  It would make it simpler to fit and connect microgeneration equipment like solar panels and domestic wind turbines (which I understand you wish to install on your own home), as well as requiring Government and local authorities to implement strategies to combat climate change.

The debate last Friday should have been straightforward in which MPs completed all the remaining stages of the Bill and passed it on to the Lords – because sensibly it is supported by the vast majority of MPs.

Unfortunately, two Conservative backbench MPs, Eric Forth and Christopher Chope, managed to talk for long enough to ensure that the Bill remained stuck in the Commons (despite your spokesmen making it very clear that your party supports the Bill).

Fortunately the Bill has a second chance, on this Friday 17th March. The Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill, if passed, will make a great contribution to helping our communities become more sustainable. I hope that you will attend the debate on Friday and encourage your colleagues to do likewise to ensure that this important Bill is passed.


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