Letter: Coun Gordon Castle (again)

Councillor Castle (Voice of the North, March 11) asks me why the “Highways Agency blocked business expansion”. It’s a mischievous question, since I can’t speak for the Highways Agency – perhaps he should speak to them?

It is, however, reasonable for the Agency to ask developers to think about, and try to mitigate, the impact their projects will have on the road network and existing road users. In transport planning terms it’s common sense.

Far from being Coun Castle’s “obvious connection” between more roads and economic growth, it seems like a rather disingenuous attempt to link two separate issues.

We can’t continue to concrete our landscape in a vain effort to find a way out of what are perceived as road problems. As John Bagley of the Highways Agency said in the Journal, “Building more and more road space…is not a sustainable long-term solution”.

Coun Castle is correct that our response to climate change won’t be without some growing pains, but in terms of our economy it needn’t have a negative impact – and won’t cost the Earth.


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