Letter: Response to Coun Gordon Castle

Councillor Gordon Castle’s accusation of my “economic illiteracy” only serves to further the sense that the A1 dualling debate generates more heat than light. His response simply repeats the myth that more road space will bring regional economic growth, whilst failing to provide any convincing supporting evidence.

There seems to be a lazy shorthand, symptomatic of Northumberland politics, that suggests that the A1 is to blame for the area’s economic woes.

Cllr Castle also claims that the “global warming card” “muddies the waters”. Quite the contrary, it puts road building clearly into its environmental context, both locally and globally. Putting more cars onto the roads is unsustainable, and building more road space contributes to increasing car usage. Is Cllr Gordon suggesting that we bury our heads in the sand with the environmentally oblivious minority that hope climate change will go away?

So, far from being “obviously crucial”, no clear need has yet been proven for dualling the A1 in terms of economic growth, safety or sustainability.

It’s ironic that in Northumberland, where many are campaigning against the alleged visual blight of wind turbines, the image of a motorway cutting through the countryside is considered perfectly acceptable.


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One response to “Letter: Response to Coun Gordon Castle”

  1. David Farrar says :

    What a fantastic post! Couldn’t agree more with everything that you say.

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